Refused to register marriage

He met me on matrimonial website in 2007. Projected himself as what I wanted, promised marriage, came up with all of a sudden crisis and took a lot of money and then disappeared. I filed police complaint and he married me in 2010 only to get rid of that police complaint. All this while, he kept talking about threat to his life. He continued to stay in his hiding and kept his phone switched off. His storied were weird but I was unable to understand what was happening with me. I had to leave my mother's house on getting married. I started staying on rent, lied to everyone that I was staying with my husband but lived a life of a recluse. Once in a month he used to call me but that was only to take money. Then he came up with story in 2013 that he had got into problem with local politician in the village where he was hiding and he had to pay him to get out of there. He promised that after getting out of that politician's problem he will come and stay with me. I wanted a normal married life, so I gave money but his demand continued and everytime he used to say that this is last time. He took a lot of money from me which I took on loan and still pay EMI for it. He came to Mumbai in May-2016 promising that whatever little he will earn, he will help me to pay the EMI. But instead he went to stay with his mother and never took me to meet his mother. Even after paying him so much, he kept fighting with me for more money to start business. Not wanting his life to spoil, I arranged money for him to start business but that money he spend in just 2 weeks and got angry when I asked about it. He took away my car. I got facial paralysis and he never came to see me or ask about my health. During that same time, he got his friend to collect my car from me and give to him. He has once again created the story of disappearing and has changed his phone number. I had faced a lot of problem in getting house of rent as I was going to stay alone and the landlords wanted my marriage certificate as proof. When I asked him for it, he refused to register the marriage saying that he had lot of other problems to take care and he will register the marriage later. Now when he came to Mumbai, I asked him again and he still refused saying he did not have his Aadhar card but he took my car and wanted to transfer the car on his name. When I questioned him that how can he be so quick to transfer the car but not register the marriage, as always he threw tantrums and made me feel wrong for asking for marriage certificate. I feel cheated. I gave 9 years and my hard earned money, my contacts broke with my family because of him. But he always and always only thought about himself. He denied me basic things that a woman gets in marriage. I dont want to go through police as I had done a complaint in 2010 and then taken back. Can I directly file this case in court through lawyer/advocate? Do I have any chance of punishing this man for crossing all limits or will I suffer more if I get into court case?