Hi Everyone.. I got married on 8th July 2016. Within 45 days I left from his home due to family issue. After that next 15 days he did not contact me. So my dad sent 2 person to make him compromise and planned to send me back to his home.. at that time he talked in bad words about me to my sis and bro. They scolded him and came back. Actually the problem is he is having affair wit his cousin.. I unable to accept that so I fought with him. Then He started hates me, even he won't see my face.. In the beginning he spoke to me nicely once I found that girl's matter.. He started hates me nd avoided me... so that problem becomes big and I fought then came out. But then he even told about me wrongly to my bro nd sis who went convince him . So I complained to police they called and enquired. He said am ok to live wit her .. but at that time he exposed that he has hepatitis b positive. So i planned to divorce him. But I hope my husband will give mutual divorce because already his lawyer contacting us for mutual. Here my doubt is 1.can I move my mutual divorce wit the help of his lawyer itself ? Or can I help get from another lawyer to do the same ? 2. All my things are there in his home when will I get it back? It's worth around Rs.1laksh Can I get it before I get divorce? 3. If the divorce is mutual, what agreement will I sign ?