Threats from wife

Its been 7 years I got married. My wife started threatening me to kill herself or me after the 6 months of our marriage. Every time I tried to fix the problem by adjusting with her. But from last 1 year she does not care about anything she left my house twice without letting us know and came back with her relatives to settle the married life. I had also submitted a formal police complaint in our local police station explaining her threats. After knowing this she admit her mistakes and compromised with me. Few days ago she again left our house where I am staying with my parents and my 5 year old son and threaten me that she will sue me and show me the power of women. She does not give respect to my parents at all , she is very aggressive , also refuse to have physical relation with me. Since she left I didn't have any contact with her I don't know where she is? I have few audio recordings where she clearly accepting that we never torturer her for dowry, requesting her to stay back in this house and also have the copy of police complaint received by police. My question here is what should I do to save my family members and myself if she file a case against DV or a false 498a.? A legal notice or a email will help where I ask her to come back? How I can use the evidences if she takes a step ahead?