Legal provisions

Sir I'm from shillong and I just joined Food corporation of India (got posted in Agartala) for 2 months (as an account assistant but posted in depot). As I joined in the middle of the month, so the salary for half the month I joined I should have been received as an arrear. But when I went to meet the accounts manager to enquire about the arrear, he rudely told me to calculate the amount I should get and come back nxt time instead. I told him I just joined so I don't know how to calculate plus I don't even know how much is my exact salary. I even said that he's from accounts section, so it's his job to calculate. On hearing that he start shouting at me and asked me to give in writing(I don't even know what should I write though I told him I don't have any idea what writings he want). He keeps on shouting at me like anythin in front of many staff. At last I cannot control my temper, I told him to just teach me how to calculate my salary instead of 'barking' at me. After dat he jus chase me out. I tried to talk to him but he dint even listen and pointing to the door and chase me out. Can u please suggest me what step should I take? Is there any legal provisions for this matter?