Admissibility of increment

Sir A case register against mr. X on 5.05.2012, department directed him to go to support the investigation on 18.05.2012. When he present before investigation agency on 24.05.2012, they arrested him and send to Judicial custody . Meanwhile investigation agency filed the charge sheet on 30.06.2012. after filing that charge sheet Court bailed out him on 23.08.2016 then he narrate the case before department and joined duties on 27.08.2012. On 31.08.2012 authorities suspended him w.e.f 24.05.2012 then issued charge sheet on 13.08.2013 which was stayed by court on 18.07.2014. Mr X revoked on nar 2015 on the pay sclae of 2012. Qustion 1. whether retrospective suspension is admissible in law or Qus :- we can say the stand of department to accept joining detaintion in the eyes of law in view of Rule 10(2) of CCS CCA rule. Question 2. whether this case comes under contemplated suspension. Question 3.whether holding increment by way of suspension is justified in the eyes of law after filing charge sheet without issueng order. Question 4. is Aincrement is admissible to him. please give guidance on this issue