Written Argument for def of service by a bank..how to go about it

Complaint..counter..evidence affidavit and its reply completed in a consumer commission. Documents marked. Arguments is due on 23/11/2016. I am the complainant, a def pensioner and the party in person. Case is simple..bank claims overpayment twice against DCRG / CVP in my pension AC 40 months earlier and wanted return with interest. I refer the matter to PCDA, the pension authority. The bank instead got all eight of my FDRs 18.55 lakhs in principal along with interests at 9.5% foreclosed and appropriated. Deposited Rs 15.58 lakhs to my pension ac and debited Rs 15.23 lakhs excess paid trasferred to their CPPC on the same day. Retained the rest with their ofice account. Para 103.2 of DPPI 2005 and Para 1 (i-iv) of RBI Recovery of excess / wrong payment circular have been violated. The bank has claimed invoking gen lien with approval from its Controller cum ZO. Now have forged a letter of undertaking for which i have lodged a complaint in local PS. Pl help me how to start , where to start..i am stuck.