Cheating by company

I had an agreement of franchise with a start up for 3 years,its a courier business we started after they started the business after 3 months of making agreement with a third party client ,we ran it successfully for 3 months, as it is courier business we collect daily some amount n deposit in client ac on daily basis but after 75 days our company instructed to deposit the amount to our company ac n we did the same ,but the client suddenly stopped the business n we are not getting any business from them when i ask the client for the same they informed that they are not receiving the amount form our company so we stopped the business,when i ask the same with our company they saying some other reason,i understood that our company is cheating,we paid 65000 to our company fro agreement n security deposit,to run the business every month we kept 22000 from our pocket to run the business even there are no returns as we thought later after growing the business we can recover the loss in the profits but if the company stops the business i will be in loss for a 3 months business why i have to keep from my pockets,so i want to file a case on the company to recover my loss ,please refer on what sections i can file a case.