Car Parking Slots

Hi Sir, I recently bought a flat in a building in bangalore. The sale deed clearly calls out stating one car parking per flat. The Seller Mr. X had clearly told us that the parking opposite Electrical panel is ours which is an independent parking slot. After we moved to the house a couple of owners in the flat are creating problem stating this is not your alloted parking and asking us to move to a different bay which is a dependent parking. They want to claim the parking opp to E. Panel as common parking for 2 wheelers for 4 flats as those 4 parking has a very narrow car parking space. My questions: 1) The Builder or the seller who sold us the flat has not mentioned any parking allotment for any flat. 2) It claims one car parking slot per house which is already given to all. 3) Is is ok for certain flat owners to claim a common place for their 2 wheelers. 4) We do not have a registered association, can they claim our spot as common spot. 5) My seller had been parking in that spot since day 1 and has always parked, they are showing a MOM of one particular meeting stating bay allotment was done and agreed by all. I asked them for agreement by my seller in email / writing they dont have. My seller refuses to interefer in this. 5) What steps should we take now?