Regarding Property sale

Dear sir, Myself Ashish Gupta, I have a property in Lucknow want to sale it but i have some queries which are as under : 1. What are the basic documents required to show/give to client. Can I send/ give the client my property xerox papers for verification purpose and satisfaction ? Will it be safe to give .if after go through the paper the client refuse to take the property Will he/she create any duplicate papers ? 2. The Property was of my grandfather's name which later we had transferred to mine & my brother's name(Mutation done). But we didn't registered the property papers on our name, Is it mandatory to do so? or we can directly transfer to the client name.Also so far we didn't update the name in Property tax, Electricty bill Waterbill . Is mandatory to do so before sale? if required what is the procedure to do. 3. As The property was of my grandfather's name he had made the registered WILL so on that bases I did mutation but I have one doubt that when i will sale the property ,that time my grandfather's sons & daughter, Will have the right to create dispute? 4. Which is the best mode to take the money in cash or cheque if deal would be done.Suppose if we take 55%-60% amount in cheque and rest in cash so that will comes in blank money? Regards Ashish Gupta