Ex parte divorce

A domestic violence crime victim by my husband,husband has 3rd degree criminal charge by foreign court,I have 2 years permanent protective order from my husband in foreign court and in that order it is mentioned that he can only meet our 5 years old daughter in her daycare over there and cannot take her out anywhere.Now my husband fled from the foreign country to India without court's permission and broke his bail bond and didn't appear in court date so has a arrest warrant for him in that country.I also came back with my daughter but the case is still active.My husband and in laws are not ready to give mutual divorce and daughter's custody to me instead they are coming to my parent's home where we are staying without my permission since my parents are not stopping them from coming and abusing me verbally by saying false things about my character and threatening me to take away my daughter from me by force and not giving me divorce mutually but dragging me in a contested divorce court case for very long time and they are really arranged people to stalk my movements.In this situation I am not feeling a little bit safe to stay here in India and applied for my and daughter's visa to go back to the country where my u visa is applied and in the mean time my attorney here filled petition to court with my all case details and documents so that my husband can not get any ex parte court order to stop us from going back because currently we don't have any pending divorce case or custody case.My question is how can I get any ex parte no contesting divorce from my husband because he will never give me divorce.I am ready to take any legal thing to get freedom from this abusive relationship.We are already separated for more than 1 year and I am thinking if changing religion will help me to get divorce because in anyway I'm going to be converted to Christianity from Hinduism where as my husband is Hindu.