Hello sir/ madam I got married 30 january 2015 but since 14 january 2016 i lived in my mother's home on that time i had 2 months pergnency. Now i have a baby girl. I don't have permanent job i take tuitions. My in- laws ask for the relation,but due to age difference (5 yrs)my family did not ready for the marriage. But my MIL and FIL convience my family. After ring ceremany ,i discuss about the age difference to him(husband). After marriage their behaviour completly changed. My MIL and husband they harass me for my age, baby, they ask for amount i earned before marriage, they withdrew all amt i had in my bank a/c(around 90,000 rs) and cash in hand 30,000, and ask for more to take from my mother for my personal expenditure. When i refused they got angry over me. Due to tension from all this mental tourture i had the DNC in month of august,2015 after that thay start saying i have some problem. But in month of december i got the gud news again, but my mother in law is not happy for this news.and she convienced my husband for not to having child at that time. Actually my MIL has major influence on my husband n he agrees whayever wrong she says. Whenever he returns from office she creates one or the other scene and lies to him for petty issues and ignities fight between both of us. My MIL and my husband pressurerise me to check the gender of the baby, to the obert the child but i refused countinously. He said "aapna aur aapne bache ka kharchha khud utha". My MIL They called my mother at their home on 14 january 2016 and insult her on her upbringing. And send me with her. For my baby and my sake i came with my mother. In july 2016, i delivered a baby girl. After that they came for mutual seperation.they didn't even see my baby. When relatives ask me about the relation i said, i want to give the change to our marriage. But my husband and my MIL want the sepration. Please suggest me what should i do if they file the divorce case. Or i should file the case first?? Plz suggest legal implication in this matter.