Appeal for court order

We have a property (Land) of 22Cents in india which was purchased by my father from a hindu family. The total land is around 60Cents which is purchased by different people. When the sale agreement was made one of the son from their family was abscound so he did not sign the agreement. So they stated in the agreement that related to this if in future any problem appears they will pay for the lose. At that time may be before 25Yrs they had given an add in newspaper stating this, and To see if the son comes back seeking this property. But there was no news from his side. Then suddenly after 9 or 10 Yrs he came back and filed a case on the mothers total property for his share as a son.So the case is filed on total property and as we hav purchased a part of it. Our land also comes under it. He is like comes then moves the case for some time then becomes abscound. His mother and family was running tye case. Now around 9 or 10 yrs back there was a court order favouring his demands.. then again he was abscound. Now around 1Mnth back he has come again saw the court to implement the court order passed Years before