Business startup questions

Hello to all the Privileged lawyers on I'm into web development business and looking forward to Register the same to PVT Ltd company now. I've few doubts so would be great if you can please clarify. 1) What is best way to Register a company.. Online through companies like efilingportal, companiesinn, etc or Offline through a lawyer or Auditor. 2) What is the minimum & maximum percentage, I can give to the Co-founder of the company. 3) I'm also looking forward to get a Investor for the business, what role can I give to him (Other than directorship). What would be best option other than Directorship which will satisfy the investor that he's a part of the company. 4) I'm just starting up so would need lots of legal advice, if you can please recommend a lawyer in Bangalore to guide, advice and always support me throughout the business establishment and later onn for taxes, auditing, legal issues, etc. would be real helpful. Thank you very much for your time & consideration!