Harresment by neighbors

On 3rd Nov 2016, time 7:00 pm, My mother and neighbors had a heated argument over dog came out through main door which was by mistake left open and he barked at one of my neighbor son on which he ran back in his home. The parent comes out and shouting at our door that how we can leave our dog opens. My mother and sister apologized them and advise that will take care of this in future, but the neighbor was not ready to give it up and loudly speaking to call all nearby residents to gain there sympathy. The resident made effort to cool down this issue and instructed us to go back in our home. We came in our home and thought it was just a heated clash and everything is over now. Around 10:30 pm a PCR came to my residence and told me that i need to come with him to Sahibabad Thana, Ghaziabad. I asked him what’s the issue then he told me they got complaint against me that my dog has attacked their son and also creating nuisance to other resident by barking at them. There complaint also says my pet as a horrifying animal. When they tried to inform me about my pet we started arguing and abuse them. So they want my dog to be kept in closed room or under chain leash. I showed my pets vaccination card and document but police was not willing to help. But when some resident of other tower came in and advised them to go back as they will rest the issue, the police went back. Sir, my family not very social with society as mother is a diabetic and high pressure patient and my father is a heart patient. This kind of act done by neighbor can even lead to some health issue to my parents. Please advise what action I can take to avoid such act in near future.