After 25 year of my married life, i always feel i am an outsider, first five year of my marriage i stay with my in law's include sister in law & brother in law, but at that time my mother in law always insulted me and my husband supported her.. whenever my husband wanted to talk to me she came in between... we neve have good time as a husband & wife,,, whenever i ask my husband to take me out for a walk ....... my mother in law used to give me lots of house hold we can not spend time together...... my husband return from office to home she involved him with talk and spend full evening and dinner with him.. my husband also didnt made effert to talk to me or wanted to see me..... its hurts.... but i choose a option to wait for time..... after 5 year we shifted in new home because where my father and mother and brother in law shifted their was no extra bedroom.... but in my new home i was stay alone... because on a Saturdays...... my husband went to office & from office he went to meet his parents, stay on Sunday & Monday he go to office from their home he and reach our home Monday evening... during this 5 year stay alone without in laws my husband never take me for movie ,,,market or spend time with me.... i was disappointed but i believe one day everything will be alright ..... i was positive and i am believing in making rather then destroy.... then v moved to father in laws home, me and my husband... this time was worst for me.... as an when they come to stay with us.... my mother in law create such situation where my husband slap me or shout me... my mother in law always create a distance between me & my husband .... me and my husbands relation got sour and he have an affair ..... even then i wanted to save my marriage...... i stay with my husband.... i always see my husband going and coming with her , spending night...., going for outing...., going for movie........., going hill station to spend quality time together...... i feel sad and wanted to die....... wanted to move out of this marriage.... but Indian mentality........ merapati mera bhagwaan.... i supported my husband in all way..... after my marriage i started taking tuition.... i spend all money for home i never ask him to give money.... if i save some amount.... & he will come to know that i have some money he used to ask ... & i used to give as i think we are a husband and wife ... my mother father brother sister in law's always appreciated that i am a strongest lady in the house..... but when it come to me my husband my mother in law always create a problem a distance between me and my husband.... five year back my father and mother in law come to stay with us ... and father in law got sick my husband take care of him so much that these two year he neglected his business.... he never gone to meeting or office. ... etc ...etc... when my father in law was bed ridden even then my mother in law make such statement...... or create a situation where my husband shouted me or fight with me..... and my mother in law give sympathy & love .... and make him to stay around with her my bedridden father in law told me ... you don't have child that's why you don't get my property share.... i don't have a baby i had 1 miscarage and 1 abouration every body love and appreciate me in the society and relatives..... but even after 25 year of my marriage..... problem is same...... now my fauther in law expired... and she decided to stay with us she started behaving the same as she behaved she wanted her son to be with her only..... and for that she never lost a single opportunity in fact she create such situation where son sit and eat and talk with her hours.... i am giveing you example... one day i making food because i need to go for some work.. while i was making chapati she told me i want instant hot chapati ..i will make for myself... i left dove in the fridge ... when i come back both son amd mother in law was in the kitchen.... simplely i asked my mther in law u made chapati .... she told her son i did't told her that i will make for myself.. in fact i offer my services to her that i will make chapati.... my mother in law in fact told my husband why she is not listening properly i answer my mother in law : no you told me i will make chpati for my self...and why i am not able to lesion you what you told .. every body talk to me & i understand properly then why this problem with you i am facing.... she always had dryfruits and give to her son but to me... my husband did't react in this matter..... when we make fruit and vegetable juice at home she drink pure ..... and used to give me water mix........ now i am fudup with this kind of life ... my husband will take his side weather i am right or wrong.... in our first 15 year of marriage life , he is not able to attach with me emotionaly there is no love bounding between us.... and after 25 year of our married life.... he never take me for any holiday.. if my sister in law take us to mall we go other wise i go alone" if he come with me , he make some excuse to move out fast' we never go for dinner.......since he love party with his friends if he is at home he prefer to spend time with his mom... (he don't want to let me go to his life because i do all the work ... from house hold to office what should i do.