Harrasment from wife

I got married since three months has passed, from last month im staying outside in hostel. Since from the first day of my marriage, she never allowed me to touch, weeps simply everytime, she shows me some photo in an engagement album asks me do u know him, i replied i really don't know, after four days of asking she said she saw a same man appeared during mean time of while i was parking my vehicle during our first visit to movie, 2) she joined in bank po course, her classes are being held at 4th floor, she said someone is teasing her in lift while going upstairs, when i enquired i found cc camera is there, from that cc camera recordings to my suspense i found no body is there except she. 3) After coming from office she never serves me food neither washes my clothes being house wife. My mother helps me in this. She never gives me respect calls out with name, neither treats me a husband. 4) Her parents insults me that u r not yet settled, demanding for high salaries. 5) one evening she left away home from 5pm to 10pm, threatened i ll not come back. 6) She always engaged in facebook and wats app. 7) She always complaints to my father, he supports her very caringly. He shouted at me get out of his house. 8) After going to my office she checks assesses all of my laptop and pendrives, she copied few of my opp sex colleagues pics, family friends daughter, she edited made selfie type showed to my father, she mispresented fake caste certificate. She totally manipulated my father, grandfather, and her people, all are against me. I couldn't find no sign of change. This could be continous problem damaging my mental, emotional and physical health. Very latest she threatened my mother that she ll give police complaint agsinst all of my people. One night she took several tablet's when i found her i told this thing to my mother, but this situation she manipulated that myself and my mom are demanding divorse. Dear sir, im totally heart broken, lost my trust on her, i couldn't able to go to office also, hence i resigned. Please guide me how to proceed, i cant bear this psyco anymore in my lifetime. I cant assure again she may get out of the house. My wedding happened in Christian. I got a call from my grandfather, that they arranged a counselling program with pastor in church, tommorow can i go, they are threating if i don't come they will issue a notice against me, pls guide me.. Thanks and regards, Suresh