Hi. i got married on Oct 2015. from day 1 my wife kept on complaining on my mom and refuced to come to my parents home. her parents also supported on the same, in the meantime, we got fight between us because of a guy from her office. I scolded her badly and asked her to stop spking to him, she didnt listen to it and it continued for 3 months, so i got angry and again fight happend and i told her if he is important she can give divorce to me and leave. Her parents came to my home fought with me and took her to their home in May 2016 and from then we are statying separately. As suggested by elders in family i came down to compromise her and take her back to my home, but her parents put conditions, as i should always stay close to them, i should goto my native, i should not say anything to my wife for work or any issue and asked me to sign a agrement. When i rejected they said they wantt mutual divorce and said they need money. I said i will give divorce but will not give money, since she is working and earning more that 20k per month, then they said they will file case on me. So i like to know what is the type of case they can file? and what chance i have here to come out of it.