Get back ny jewels n money from my husband n in laws

I got married in 2011april. I took all my jewels i.e gold ..silver n gav to my mother in husband n in laws put all my jewels in manapuram gold loans n took loan ... dis i came to knw parents gav gold ornaments to my hasband dat gold also he put in manapuram gold husbands brother n in law took 2lakh cash frm my parents.i was working n my salary amount has been taken by husband atm amount amt has been taken by dem... My husband was working in airport bangalore... he left job aftr marriage n use to roam here n der he has pre marital affairs dat i came ti knw aftr marr n it is continung aftr marr...he lost interst on me...he use to hit me scold me n neglect me always n always he use to roam with his girl friends...he made 16 year old girl to become mother n resolved problem by gaving them money... i toletated which happend aftr 2months of my marr..all des has nt been told to my parents. They always use to ask gold n money from us...once my husband went to goa with his girl friend ... this i cant tollerate n i told all issues to my parents n came to my parents without taking anything frm my in law home... now living with them...5 years over n now they came n asking fr settlement dat dey want divourse... if v ask fr our gold .. Silver n money which they hav took frm us ..they tells us dat all wrnt off means gold hav been acquired by loan providers as dey hav not paid interest like dat.... n dey r ready to giv little amt.... but i m nt ready to accept dis as i hav more emotional o my jewels n miney spent during my marr ... i want all des back to me den only i giv him divourse to him... fir dat wat can i do... could u plz help me in getting back my things n i dnt hav any proof about giving dem all jewels n money...our marr is regesteted.... giv som ideas of getting back my things ... if i giv divourse means i wont get my thing life long.