Legal heir registration

Hello sir, I'm murali from kadapa , Andhra Pradesh.My grand father is alive he had 3 sons, I'm his younger son's child, my father had expired in 2011.l'm 25years old now , we have legal heir property form my grand mother and grand father , my grand mother expired in the year 2010 . I do not know any information about the property as our elders did not disclosed to my father also. How can I acquire the property which is available to my fathers share. Please let me know the procedures. After my grandmothers death the elder son of my grand mother wanted to split the property among them successors. But they did not disclosed whole property .share is given in the presently living house only . we came to know that some more property is available. We don't know after transactions of property, my grand mother got the property from her parents as she has is the only daughter.the remaining property is not shared among us. My grand father is adopted by our ansistors and they have mentioned the names of my grand father and his three sons and their successors only do have right to maintain the property and enjoy the benefits . my uncle( my fathers elder brother) is cunning and is planning to have whole and sole power on that. My fathers elder brother have a son. My fathers second brother is unmarried. I am the only son to my parents. So, please let me know how can me and my mother get our rightful share.