Builders Not returning Money

Hi, me and my friends book flat with one builder in bangalore by giving token money 1 lakh(cheque to builder name) . He did not provide any receipt(we did not force him to give receipt also as builder is know to our other friend he also booked the house long back) and told us , soon builder will process the bank loan with LIC. Builder process the loan and loan was approved also. we paid 5k as processing amount. Then bank agent called us and told for disbursement we need to pay 13k after that they will disburse the amount to builder. we paid the 13k also and waiting for disbursement, but that not happen, then we call the bank manager and agent, both informed us that there is some problem in property document so bank will not provide the loan. we informed the same to builder and they told very soon paper problem will be solved and bank will provide the loan. we waited for one year but that problem not got solved and bank refused to provide the loan,then we decided to cancel the booking, builder also agreed and told us he will deduct the tax(3.5k) and will return the remaining amount soon, we agreed on that. after that many time we called him, not picking our phone. if we call from another no he tells that he will return soon. many time we visited his office and talk to him, took time and promised us he will return the money. finally he told after Diwalli he will return the money. But again he fails to keep he promise, almost 2 years gone , we dont know what we should do now. how to get back our hard earn money. Please help us.