Company not paying settlement cheque anf PF as well.

I was working in Kolkata in an automobile dealership for 2 years. I achieved my target in december and was rewarded with a foreign trip by the parent company( not by dealer). The trip was delayed and i got it in May. Due to some reason I resigned on 9th june and served the company till 18th june and was ready to pay for the notice period. The company HR agreed and did all the exit formalities and Provided me with the relieving certificate, stating that i am relieved from all my duties. After 2 months when i called for my settlement cheque, then the HR says that the Trip expense has to be paid. On the day of relieving, nothing was mentioned and said that nothing has to be paid. The trip was given by the parent manufacturing company, then why should i pay the money to the dealer. In the appointment letter it was mentioned that" any incentive trip provided by the company has to be reimbursed by the employee or has to serve for 2 years after the trip". ( This is a kind of bonded labour, they are following) This statement is mentioned on the letter head of the dealer and not the parent company, how am i liable to pay to the dealer. Above all, The company HR did not inform me anything themselves, whenever I call them up, they come up with some new clause. Now, they say that if i dont pay the money, they will not proceed with my Providend fund formality. What should i do now?