How to share land between two brother

My father (A) and my Uncle (B) purchased a peace of land which government deed (dalil) have belong to them jointly. They purchased land from third party. The third party give us a separate land for road. Both of them construct their house separate side of the land. The separate road is belong to our side (A). My uncle use our side land in the from of walk way to reach the road. Because of walk way we cannot occupied our side land fully. There was still not prepare government deed (dalil) in the name of both brother separately. Even the land still not partition separately by mutually we just stayed in the mutual trust. Now i (Son of A) want to construct a room if I Construct the room it will fall in the walk way and its definitely blockade the walk way (which land is belong to us as per mutual trust even we separate). Now my question is can stop them to use our land for walkway or I first proceed the government deed (dalil) separately in their respective name. After making deed (dalil) in the name of father, then I asked to stop using my road. Kindly explain what was the consequence we faced for process.