In laws torture

I got married in 2014, now we have one kid of 2yrs old. My in-laws are not satisfied with my dowry. From the starting day of my marriage they used to torture me mentally to get more dowry. they took 2 lakh rupees from me in 2015, to pay their debts. After 3months later, we got to kow they dont have any debts. In the village they used this money to run finance. By knowing this my husband asked , why as a parents you cheated me. For that they took revenge on me by scolding like anything and also did physical harrasment. after that they left our home.Me and my in-laws are not staying together now. Now we are getting calls from village, "if don't send the parents maintance fund" monthly, they are ready to put the case on me and my husabdn.(Saying we scolded and sent out them). they dont any good relation ship with their brothers, sisters, in-laws. Yesterday me and my husband went to PS, to put the case against them. But in the PS they are saying we won't take the case now, as it happendned 1 year ago. and that is not happened in our circle. What we can do at this sitauation.Please provide your valuable suggestions.