Fake charges

I'm a 30 year old single. I was in relationship from last one year with a divorcee women having 2.5 yr old kid. When I got to know that she hadn't divorced & she just used me for physical & financial need & don't want to marry me, a fight broke out and through sms I said her bitch and some vulgar words. With the help of that she filled a police complain against me, that I'm bothering her & she don't know me & wants freindship , in which section 507 is imposed by police on April 30 2016. Then after again I messaged her why she did so, she again complaint to the police, that I couldn't recollect some acts by me while filling FIR now in this I want to say that year before I sexually harrased her, & demands physical relationship with her , neither I will kill her son. again section 354 d for stalking in imposed. Court granted bail. Charge sheet is made, I'm still waiting for my court date. Police not investigated the case full , in which I also shown them our messages & call details which counts to 4500 numbers in a year from both sides. We had physical relationship also, but I don't have any proof. I just collected some message of some periods of 7-8 days in which showing we were in intimate relationship. After this I had contacted her husband. Told everything, & gave all proofs of sms & call details. On her husband she already filled section 498A & DV case with dowry. Her husband is then given all the evidence & demand for divorce , for which he is already looking from last 4yrs. He is also looking for child custody. My only query is that whether her husband will get a divorce without with these sms & call details. What will happen to my case for which section 507 & 354 d is imposed ?