Marriage by force

Hello sir/madam, I am 24yrs old from HYDERABAD and have a friend(girl) from UTTARPRADESH of same age as me.Her parents started seeing matches only because they think she is a burden and got a match who is almost 12 yrs elder than her , a sadistic (by his behavior), a strict family but her parents are only worried when their daughter is going to leave the house(girl's family is Orthodox). Coming to girl , a well educated , worked for over 18months and boy said to her no job after marriage. Now the girl is forced to marry him and also by her . She is not saying I'll not marry the person who is chosen by her parents but she want to marry a person who is lesser age and little bit elder than her like 3-5 yrs.So,sir/madam is there any law or any legal procedure against her parents to stop the marriage? I know how Indian marriage system work but this is 21st century , atleast a girl's opinion has to be mattered in her marriage decision . Because she is the one who has to spend her rest of life with a stranger. Thanking you in advance.