Runaway husband without any potent cause

I got married for 2 yrs and i used to stay with my husband in HP in a rented flat. he is a geologist and both of us hail from West Bengal. Suddenly after one and half year husband took me to his ancestral house and all his family members forced me to take a baby and stay permanently in his native country house. They declined to allow me to stay with my husband in HP ie in his workplace. He also took me to my parents house and forced me to stay there. After that he left me and went back to his work place.He did not keep contact with me but sent sms thrice to adhere to his family's command to go back to his native village and stay with his in laws. Since they did not contact me I am afraid they may file a divorce case. But I dnt want divorce, rather I want to stay with my husband in HP. My father purchased for our use a lot of household goods including fridge microwave laptop digital camera and many other things. So i want to go back to that place which my husband and his family members are not allowing. I am suffering from severe depression and mental agony. I am 29 now. Shall my conjugal life will end here? I just want honest advice as to what step should I take now. !