Regarding Divorce

Respected Sir My self Ramesh Kumar. I married in 2002. At that time we were middle class farmer family, but after marriage my wife separate me from my family. In the year 2009, she give a birth to a girl child. I was trying to help my family financially without he knowledge, because my father is retired engineer from private company so he has no pension scheme and any other source of income. My mother is house wife, my sister is got marriage 2 years back and my brother is mentally challenged. I am the only source of Income for my family. In 2010 she left me and went to her father's place with my daughter, when I asked him to come back she refused to come back and told me that she will never come again in my life, because I was that time and only earning 4500 per month. But, today I am in private school and earning 16,500 per month as a computer operator, now she wants to come back in my life but now I don't want her because she is greedy lady and she will not allow me to help my family financially because she wants to support her own family, she had three brother to help her parents, but still she is after my salary. 1 year back I brought my daughter with me and now she is in English Medium School and still in K.G. class because my in laws now allowed my daughter to go to the school. Now I am in a relation and I don't won't to go back to that life again. Now my wife is torturing me for money and asking for full salary else she is threat me that she will go to the police station and file case against me and my innocent family. Please help me to deal with this situation