Can i file for divorce?

I am a Muslim male. I got married in July, I personally feel my wife is not mature enough to take her decision and depends on her mother. In fact, they want me to hand over my salary to my wife. Mother in law interferes in our day to day life and my does allow us to operate independently. we had a meeting in September in which elders have decided to give some space and same was promised before our community elders that at least one year should be given for us to settle down. Exactly one week after the promised discussion, my in-laws again approached me and started interfering in our daily activities. Last week my mother in law along with Mahila Mandal group reached my residence and my wife along with her clothes and gold left my house stating that I am treating her well. i registered a general diary complaint stating that unknown persons trespassed my house and kept the acknowledgment for safe side. My wife also suffers from PCOD problem, she also got operated one year before marriage. I am really fed up, please suggest on what grounds can i file divorce.