I am a working woman (assist. prof. In a University)married for 12 years, my husband does nothing on top of it he mentally torchered me in various ways like if does any favour to me he kept reminding it to me. In order to keep my marriage going i kept ignoring his actions. I have 10 years old son. Now me and my son are not living wih him since 7 months. He is living with his parents in muzaffarnagar(UP). He also used to raise hands on me and my son. His parents also supports him by saying bad abusive words to me inspite of the fact I always taken care of all of them by spending all my salaries to these stupid people. He took money from his paternal aunt to buy home in my name. She was a wicked woman. He and his family very well knew about her. She actually was buying property for her daughter. We finally had to shift to our house in Indirapuram in march 2016 after holy festival. My husband as always was misbehaving with me and my son. His aunt whom I considered very kind and nice woman let him run away to his parents. I was living at her place. His aunt and his parents started torchering me in there own ways. I couldnt bear all this and ran away back to place in pulpehladpur area near to my work place. Now he is disturbing my life by coming to my work place now and then. As he does not know my residence and I am not picking up his and his relatives phones. I simply cant tolerate this man any more. What shall i do? What all can i do. I have that house in my name and papers of that house is with his aunt. I am not at all greedy i am happy with all that i have . My family people are with me. But could not make out what is good for me in such situation.