Applicability of 2 service bond with same employer at same time??

Dear sir, I am working with an ITES organisation. I entered into a 2 year service bond with my employer in 2015 for 1 lac rupees for taking part in onsite training outside India at a customer location. After one year in early 2016 I was moved to serve another customer within same employer off-course after proper 100% handover and training to my back-up to ensure zero problem after I leave. Again I had to travel overseas for taking part in onsite training outside India at a customer location and hence another bond with validity of 1 year for 1 lac rupees has to be entered by me with company. I am planning to leave my employer and before making decision I checked with some peers on bond. They say if I have to leave now both the bonds (1. entered in 2015 and 2. entered in 2016) are applicable to me and I will have to pay the amount for both the bonds. My question is : 1. Is it legally possible to apply two bonds to same employee by same employer at same time 2. Does this makes any difference that I had given complete handover of the knowledge covered by first bond to my back up and was duly discharged of any related responsibilities while moving to another customer of same employer, that For first bond 100% to as per clause 3. I was not aware that first bond will still be applicable to me while signing the second bond as I did not get copy of same. Deep