Last month rent and total cost incurred

Dear Sirs, I have a standard 11 month agreement starting May 2016 ending Mar 2017, with 1 months notice period and 3 month's rent as security deposit (SD). On Oct-25 (after almost 6 months), my landlord asked me to vacate the house before Nov-24, giving one month's notice. I am planning to move out by Nov-10 Although it is as per the agreement, 1. I am financially incapable to bear the cost to pay the rent for Oct and Nov (landlord is reluctant to deduct from SD) + 3 months rent as SD for next house and the shifting charges (approx 12-15k) all in Nov. I am not sure when the landlord plans to return my SD. Is there is provision in law that I can claim compensation for forcing me to move out in this short period for the cost incurred to me in frequently shifting houses (twice in 6 months - moving in and moving out - approx 25k) 2. Do I have to pay rent till Nov-24 as it is under this one month's notice period (remember, that the landlord asked me clear out, as he wants to occupy the property) or I need to pay the rent only till Nov-10 (the day i am moving out). What does the law say here (in case if I am to legally approach). 3. Can I force my landlord to deduct Oct month's rent and the remaining days rent in Nov from the SD, by not paying the rent. 4. Can this be raised as defaulting of rent for Oct, legally. I have paid the rest 5 months rent by either 1st or the 2nd working day (through online transfer), although agreement says it should be on 1st of every month. Thanks.