Can police complaint given for not giving rent amount Rs 90,000

A tenant who has deposited rent in owners Bank account for the past five years Now he is not deposited rent for 15 months Rs 90000 - When asked directly and thro phone the Tenant replies repeatedly telling today or tomorrow i will deposit the amount surely but delaying the rental arrears up to 15 months Out of pity as he has two children the owner patiently waited till now he is sending messages today or tomorrow i will deposit money But not keeping his words - to delay the issue only he is doing like this what has to be done by the House Owner- a senior citizen and Retd Gazetted officer- can the owner lodge a complaint in Police station that he is cheating the house owner without giving rent for the past 15 months - In which police station the complaint has to be lodged- the owner and the tenant are in different police limits 2 As he is dragging the rent he was asked to vacate an year before- through letter also- He is dragging the issue that after giving the rent I will vacate- but not doing any step to clear the rental arrears what should be done in this issue