Car parking in registred co-op housing society in Mumbai

Dear Sir, We have purchased stack parking from builder and builder has issued letter in Jan,2011 stating that one car parking no.xx-UP (stacker) earmarked to flat no.. us. we will informed society & society will allot to you. in 1st AGM held in Dec,2010 whrerin society has unanimously approved all parking alloted by builder and society has started charging RS.200 towards parking charges to all and later RS.650/- additional charges only for all stack parking user as society has kept driver for stack parking user. In 2012 society has rcvd letter from BMC to provide approval for stack parking as builder has not provided any documents for stack parking to society. Chairman has declared stack parking is illegal in AGM & approved in AGM that society is not responsilble to maintain illegal stack parking and will not provide any assistance to stack parking members.due lack of maitainace & drivers now stack parking is not in a condition to use. we approached builder but all in vain stating that we have handed over to society and you have to follow-up with society. Now society alloting balance parking place to the desire member with parking deposit of Rs.3Lacs as approved in AGM. as Society is declared stack parking is illegal can stack parking holder which is illegal also apply for new parking and again they have pay deposit to society. please advise Appreciate your assistance.