Threatening from my wife in connivance Dowry Acts

This is in reference to the molestation and harassment by my wife and her relatives in the hid of women inclined Indian Penal Code. I’ve approached police to help me out, but, men are meant to bear, so am I. You are the only hope to expect the justice. The whole case is as: On December 26, 2015, I married Mrs. Era Singh D/o Gayatri Singh and Late Mr. Brijmohan Singh, without any dowry in any form. The marriage was referred by a social activist and was organized in a government community hall. After a week of marriage, she started demanding gold and other precious things. Preliminary, her every wish was fulfilled. Later, failing to which, she started scolding me. It became worst when she caught my throat in her hands tightly and indulged into violence in the bed. Identifying the threat, I was calling police. Meanwhile, she took my phone and broke it and started screaming for help as if I was doing so. This physical coerce repeated for several times. Initially, I attempted to counsel her for not doing such acts. However, all the efforts to cajole her were in vain. In February, she went her home in the name of Holi rituals. She took all jewels and other valuables of the home saying – she has to go to her cousin’s marriage. This was again a lie. After Holi, when I along with my family approached them to bring her back. She and her mother refused and imposed allegations of boy’s impotency, dowry and related charges. To protect myself and my family, I went to Police Station – Mukharjee Nagar, Delhi for reporting the matter and escaping us from false claims. But, nothing could be done as I had no right to call police because I’m a boy. As last resort, I had to go into social mediation in the presence of 14 people from both sides. During this period, I was such humiliated by them that I had no option except to agree with her every order. I had become mere a cog of the wheel. For instance, in April, when I used to get late from office for an hour or so, she directed me to leave my job and I did. After lot of rigorous endeavours, I cleared one interview in Roorkee. But, again, this wasn’t acceptable to her as she didn’t want to leave hers. As a result, I’m unemployed since last five months and not earning even my livelihood. She used to take money from me to transfer to her mother every month. During unemployment days, I urged her to not to transfer money as I was facing financial crunch. But, she ignored and warned me to throw behind bars charging dowry act and other 2-3 augmenting acts. In the month of June, I came to know she had vaginal diseases due to physical relations without precautions for which doctor prescribed HIV and other similar tests. She was suffering from some chronic infections, if not HIV. Doctor prescribed to stay away from husband as this was communicable disease. The truth was, we were away for a month almost as I was outstation for hunting job. This infection budded a sense of doubt on her character. After a short investigation, it was revealed that she was involved into extra marital affairs with two boys viz. Ashish Gupta and Abhay Pratap Singh. These affairs were in continuation from before marriage. Those medical results, her suspicious behavior and the trailing conclusion paved the way to enquire more. And the result was wondering, she was a sexual offender. She used to take leaves to go with other boys. Not only this, she used to come late in the evening, veiling office meeting and other identical reasons. But, after checking office records, she never stayed in office for any extra hour. In July, on a Sunday, when she was completely exposed. She called her uncle named Monty and other two boys (probably the same as named above). They started abusing and beating me upto the extent that others had to protect me. On August 2nd 2016, she normally went to her office. In the evening, she accompanied Monty and other 3 persons to have a argy-bargy at my residence. They beaten us and packed the home valuables, ornaments of my mother along with all the jewelry that we gifted in marriage. I called on police helpline -100 to seek help. The cop came and took a note only as they had left by then. On August 11th 2016, we got a call that the bride’s side has filed a complaint in Mahila Thana, Ghaziabad for demanding dowry and we were supposed to report on 12 August 2016. As a responsible citizen of India, we went there where police treated us like cattle. The police gave us two subsequent dates for 21 August and 18 September. On every trailing dates, they increased the settlement amount by 25-80% starting Rs. 4,00,000/-. Being unemployed, I can’t pay anything, thus, they are eyeing on my parent’s home. On 18 September 2016, the third date for mediation at Ghaziabad Mahila Thana, she started shouting for money and filing an FIR against us. The FIR has not been registered by the Police. They are continuously contacting to threaten us for paying them. Otherwise, they will file cases for rape, assault, violence and utmost that can be charged against us.