Mutual consent divorce

We have filed mutual consent divorce in March 2016 and we didnt appear before court for two hearings now the next hearing is at the end of November 2016. Before filing the MCD we have made an affidevit that we are living seperately from past one year (though we never lived seperate). I had agreed not to take any alimony from him as I was totally frustrated as he used to harrass me physically as well mentally and has put forward a condition that he will divorce me only if I agree not to take any alimony. I have eight year old daughter. He has refused to pay any money for her as well. As I was mentally tired to fight with him and have no support from family as my parents are orthodox and they dont believe in divorce, I agreed all his terms and conditions. He is also refusing to return my stridhan. From last 4 months I am not staying with him as I got job in another city. But at present my salary is merely 15000 per month. My questions are : 1) Can I alone refuse in front of court for MCD? 2) On what basis can I refuse? 3) If I refuse for MCD but at present I am staying seperate from him (and have to stay seperate due to job) can he object on this issue? 4) what if I dont appear for hearing for 18 months? 5) I had already signed the agreement for not asking any alimony, can I request the court now for alimony for me and my daughter?