Land occupied.

I have my haveli in Rajasthan. There is a complex built near my house and there is some space in between these two structures i.e. My house and the complex. Earlier the space was 8 feets, in place of complex there was a haveli which the owner sold, but now it has been reduced to 3 feet after the mall was built after destructing the neighbourhood building. Now the new owner of this land is trying to make use of that extra 3 feets to build a drainage pipeline to extract the drainage from the complex, which I think is absolutely wrong because he is using our land to build this drainage pipeline. This pipelines outlet will be to the adjacent drainage pipeline which is opened and will create huge problem for our living. What do you think? Should we put our money in this matter to fight against him in the court? This is because the owner of that land is super rich and have many contacts so he can put any amount he wants but this is not liable to us, we cant put so much money without any support. Please help.