Divorce within 6 months of marriage

Sir/Mam, I am a 48 year old middle class man, i got married in April this year. It is my 3rd marriage aswellas my wife's 3rd marriage. I have 2 daughters from my 1st marriage(my first wife expired whereas my second wife was mentally sick so i got divorced from her), my septogenarian parents. My wife had brought her daughter(10 year old) from her previous marriage along to which I & my family accepted. Within a month problems started coming as she refused to do any household work, she forced my mother to do the household chores while my daughters were away to the college. Things worsened when there used to be regular kalesh in the house. She left the house thrice without informing anyone & used to go to her friends place. When her brother was informed of her behaviour,he along with his wife, sister and his brother in law came to our house to make peace. But she didn't listen to them aswell. She then started ill treating my daughters & one day went to her parents house telling me that she no more wants to live with me. Her family insisted us to take her along but my family didn't felt safe with her. In august I filed for divorce, Kindly guide on how to go further since I have her audio recordings as the only proof.