Boyfriend wants his money back which he gave me?

My boyfriend was working in an MNC and used to send me some money every month (not a loan). I am a student, still I had never asked for it and often returned it back. He did not like it therefore, I then spent that money on our dates and gifts whenever we met (cash, not electronic). Now when we broke up, he is asking it back. I live in a small city in Gujarat. He is calling and harassing me and my family for past few months. He has used various tricks, even blackmailed to call me to Bangalore. He has a lot of friends there, hence, I fear my saefty by going to that city. When every thing failed, he has gone to the police for the same. I got a call from Bangalore Police Station asking me to visit to Bangalore, else return back the money involved. I have the tracked the number to the best of my knowledge and it looks legitimate. I need help here as I cannot go to Bangalore. I can prove my innocence over mail or in my hometown. I need to ask, 1. Do I need to return money (gifts) he sent when we were in a Relationship? 2. If the police has legal rights to summon me to Bangalore for this reason? All I have as proof is our recent chats history. He is counting the accounts statements for last 4 years. Before my breakup we used to talk over phone a lot, hence I don't have any written (/texted) record. It's all nothing, but my words. But after our breakup, I have strong proof (in form of whatsapp/msg text) to back my claims. On one occassion, he texted "Plz don't return back money. Makes me feel cheap". I have proof of the conversations we had after our breakup where he has mentally harassed me by citing random reasons. I wanted to keep my parents out of this, but he used to call them in their office and home etc. He said, if I want things to stop, come to Bangalore. Also, my parents are afraid of court and legal affairs. :( Hence, I don't want to trouble them. I really want to know, if the police can really summon me to Bangalore from Gujarat? Plz guide.