2nd Gauranter

Hi, my case has started in 2005 wherein my friends brother had rapped me and has promised to marry me and since then he is trying to force me to help them financially though i am not so financially strong but has given him and his family a lot as they always state that if i will not do that he (Sunil solanki ) will not marry me . In 2013 march he forced me to sign as a 2nd Guarantor or else he told to leak my photos on social media and would not marry i did this later on 15th April 2103 I came to know that he is already married and had cheated me . His parents abused me and stated now we dont know our son is married now you go away and threatened me for my life. later when i told about car guarantee so Sunil Solanki had given me a court document which states that I am dismissed for the role of the gauranter. Post which me still told me to marry but run away later i went to Palasia police station and wanted to file FIR but they delayed and logged on 28th April .But apart from all this A.U Finance people / Manger/ advocates are forcing me to pay full amount including interest and penalty i.e. around 9 lacs . They come to house torture my mother ( she is not keeping wee) and brother and state that will cease all myy mother property and will send them to jail. I had shown them his father hose he is 1st Gauranter still these people are chasing me and mentally harassing me. Please help me what should i do. Tease people come to my house now and then at ask for Rupees always . I had looged FIR againts Sunil Solanki in [deleted] Date 322 - Case Number 376 - Dhara. seeing this A.U Fianance Had mentally tourtured me that why i had done this , since then i am getting letters from Jaipur advocates . Kindly help me what should i do ? They had found the car in Gwailor on fake RTO and Letter he (Sunil Solnki) had sold it . But they are not ceasing the car from them.