Been accused by Victim of Hit & Run!!

As I reached the accident location of a hit & run, I found laying a body of one of the victim right in front of my road, just as I was descending the fly over. To avoid running over the body on the road I drifted my car towards the left which resulted the collusion of my vehicle with the side rail, damaging my car severely. When I got out of my car, to check the person on the road, found two more injured. One person out of the three was conscious. First thing I did, tried calling police but no one answered, and then called the ambulance to the spot. These three people, were already been hit by some vehicle which fled away, before I reached this spot, but now one of victim is claiming that car which collided with side rails of the flyover, has hit them all. I am now booked u/s 279/337/336/304A, and have taken bail. The victims had parked their loading MUV truck in the middle of first & second lane from the left, to replace the flat tyre (rear). Vehicle doesn't carry any reflector or registration plate at the rear side of their vehicle. Questions: 1. Police even after hearing my statement is not believing that I hit the side rail in order to avoiding running over the body lying on the road. They are not even taking note of my side of statement, instead have gone ahead lodging FIR against my car, over victims statement who also claims that he can identify the driver. I am unable to make any thing out of this, why police not listening to me?? 2. My car is equipped with ABS system, which didn't left any skid mark, police says that I didn't even applied the brakes. They fail to understand technology, how ABS can be explained to Police?? 3. Police is saying that I need not worry about claim amount, as it would be taken care by Insurance Company. But how could this be possible as my car never touched any of the victim, and I will not admit hitting them even, then how & why would my insurance will pay the claim?? 4. Can I be held responsible even when I was trying to avoid running over?