physical assualt

We live in our ancestral house where my father and father brother lives means my tauji our house is partitioned uncle has son my cousin brother.. Our property is disputed .. our relation with our uncle are not tolerable and un comfortable.. we have verbal disagreements in past.. we have got issues regarding property disputes and other day to day activities .. As our houses are portioned but conected.. my father ignores ..he does not take stand and supports... saying let keep the peace maintained... which never happens.. Which increases their moves and confidence to crete more nuisance. .. Earlier there was verbal heated arguments recently my brother ( tauji son )crossed the limit.. He has verbally used rotten language..physical assaulted me entering in my house not listening to any members and beated me physically. The matter was heated discussion on day to day activity .. .. When other members of family brother says he will not do next time.... looking at his background its difficult to trust as he is short-tempered and un controllable .. After all this my father did not support when i told him him we will do fir and call police ...father says i should not have replied to there talks ..he ignores ...what's worst than trespassing in home and doing physical voilance keeping in mind that my father is not so supporting ..he is not supporting can we protect ourself and family members and what are out legal rights that next time it does not happens..pls advice