Job Fraud in the name of Nokia Networks

Dear Sir, I got a mail regarding guaranteed placement in a company (Nokia Solitions and Networks) by a person. I was then called by a person(Sandeep Kumar Charan) stating himself as the Head HR of the company of Navallur, Chennai office. He asked me to come to the chennai office and me along with my friend went there. Reaching there we asked receptionist to meet him but she called him and made us talk to him from her extension. There he given us an offer code of the company and congratulated us for the same(evrything on call). Then he asked us to pay Rs 200000 per head for the same but not on his account, he gave account of his so called collegue(Suraj Kristo). We were ready to pay and paid Rs100000 only. For this we got check of Rs115000 and Rs200000 and non-judicial stamp paper(signed by Suraj but not by any notary) mentioning all terms and conditions of providing deployment in the company and returning the amount if failed to do so. After paying this amount in Suraj Kristo's various accounts, we got no positive response from his side. We have deposit slips. We asked to refund our money and he asked us to return Rs200000 cheque and 1 stamp paper and then he will do so. After that he is not receiving our call But his number is on. We have a cheque of Rs115000 and one stamp paper and Pan Card Copy of Suraj Kristo and one copy of employee id of sandeep charan(dont know about its authenticity). Please suggest me what to do. I am trapped in a fraud. I will be very thankful to you. - Digvijay Singh Yadav Bangalore