Sir!!!!!Need advice

Dear sir, we 4[A,B,C,D] members started a school last year 2015 and closed in april 2016 due to nonrecognition, as there is no evidence as partners,A & B are president and vice president of school as in society registration, C [myself ] as Secretary & Principal, D is Treasurer she is lady.A & B invested amount but when i asked how much invested, they are saying one time 10 Lakhs, next time 16 Lakhs, Now they are saying 30 Lakhs, i used to work as principal, i did not salary of 6 months,we paid salaries to staff by selling benches every thing, Meanwhile they took blank cheques for buying school bus from C & D,but did not buyed school bus, now The person A is harassing and saying that i am the culprit for school damage, i ate money of school it seems, saying false allegations, i got evidence of society registration form,he is threatening that to pay amount by me,cheque are with them and promissory note, until now they did not move legally, as they bought amount outside but how much i dont no,now the Person B is not involving at all, please give me the advice , so kind full to you sir,everything evidence of school, one thing sirjee no receipts for any transaction,i also deposited 40,000 to him, as he is in trouble, now he is threatening to me and to my colleagues also, i am not responding to his cal as he is always speaks vulgar works keeping false and bruetly scolding words on me.....please give advice sir thank you