Fraud 420 case filed against me

Local corporator neta has filed a Complaint against my dad, mom and me claiming that my parents hv taken a loan of 80 lakh from him. My dad and mom are out of country and not in contact with me. I was arrested saying Iam master mind behind all this planning. I replied m not because m already earning a good salary and if u hv given such a big amount to my parents den Wat proof u hv. He replied he don't hv any evidence in writing and hv given money to my parents in friendship. I got out on bail. But the fact is m innocent and hv not taken any money from because I hv never interacted with local neta in my life. Now he is trying to create false evidence by gathering few women's saying dat u also say dat his his parents hv taken money from you as well. Neta is saying offline to my mother in law dat he has given 30 lakh to mmy dad and mom. But hv filed complaint for 80 lakh. After bail wen I met neta he is saying he has given 1.5 crore to my parents and dis is not fact. He is giving all different aamounts to everybody with no evidence. Now neta is asking me to contact my parents in Nepal and arrange meeting. He is torturing me, wen my parents are not in contact with me how I can arrange meeting. He is saying he will arrest my wife. All illegal things he is doing. Pls advise Wat to do.