Dear sir, My name is kawari I am from UP. I have a question for you. I got marriage on October 2015, its completed one year my relation done by my parents this was arranged marriage, before marriage I explained everything in front of husband my life style my behaviour my plus point my negative point everything. That time he said ok but after marriage I stayed his house for one & half month but his family did not look after me properly, food they always provide me stale, my mother in law told me we can not cook good food at home when my son will come than we cooked good food everyday they provide my bad food if I asked for money so my mother in law give me 200 for pocket money and my husband did not called me never asked me what do you want, what is your problem ,I felt his not interested with me. I felt very alone after marriage also no good food for eat no pocket money than I decided to re - joined my previous job and I joined my job still one year my husband did not give me pocket money even 1rs , his working in Delhi but he did not pick me there he never love me. His weak in physically unfit also he did not want child, what I do Sethi ji I am very upset. I don't want money I am very educated person I don;t need any support but now I don't want to spoil my whole life with him. He has private job & I also have private job he does not has much more property only one house. How I get maintenance charges for him. I don't want anything with him but I need money for my future. Please suggest somethings. With regards Kawari