Employer attacked and then terminated

I was working in Accenture company Bangalore. Mphasis HR has called me join their company in Mumbai. After i see the situations are different in work culture and commitments i resigned from organisation in a week. Management requested saying they will implement the changes but they didnt. I have all documented evidence with me for all my points. Company doesnt got option of sacking me legally as i am good a technical talent, no comments on attitude. I got appreciations from client. Security guards doesnt have right to intervene in employee disputes, but as per management instructions, they surrounded and attacked me. photos are available in twitter: my id is karthikhw, request to please see them. What all sections i can get added here, 1. For attack which was pre-planned, 2. Thrashing of CCTV 3. Mental harassment during work etc... Incident happened on: Feb 10, 2016, Location: In Mphasis Office Premesis, Dindoshi (Malad). Type of Incident: Security Guards along with Management rounded up and attacked on me. Result: I lost 500ml plus of blood on the floor. Treatment: I got 8 CLW stiches on my left index finger. FIR registered on: May 5, 2016. (Almost 3 months after the incident). My RTI requests are also not answered, HOMDP/A/2016/60071. Efforts done from my end. 1. After attack i was picked up by 108 Ambulance, went to police station and reported the incident to Duty Officer Mr. Sheikh. As per his suggestion left to hospital and got treated. 2. After discharge on 11th February 2016, went to police station again with medical reports. The female SI present suggested me to come at 8 PM. I left to my home in powai. 3. I got call from SI Mr. Bure immediately and he asked me to report in police station. When i am on the way, he informed me, you should not register any complaint on the accused, if you do so you will have to face dire consequences. 4. With fear i left to airport directly and reached Hyderabad to save my life. 5. I have sent my grievances via registered post to below authorities, a. SHO Dindoshi, b. ACP Dindoshi, c. DCP Zone XII, d. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. Letters have reached all the offices by 22nd February 2016. 6. On March 18 2016, myself along with my Advocates, went to Dindoshi Police Station, given our requisition, still FIR is not registered. 7. On April 12 2016, with Retd. Justice Chary, we went to Dindoshi Police Station, a. SI Bure has apologized and requested not to proceed against him and he revealed below facts why he threatened me, i. The opponent party has provided the proof for him to register a case against me with 354 section. ii. Now i understood that it was false. 8. Even though the justice (Physically Handicapped) has came, the police made us to roam all the beats under Dindoshi Jurisdiction. a. Police asked us to come to Dindoshi, we went. b. Police asked us to come from Dindoshi to Gokuldam, we went. c. Police said us to come to Santosh Nagar, we went and Mr. Saponi Desai Sir. d. We were again brought to Dindoshi Police Station by Desai Sir. 9. Police refused to file FIR, so the justice came along with me has done below, a. On April 14 2016, Spoken to DCP Mr. Ramkumar (Former DCP of Zone II) and requested his help in getting FIR done. He assured it will be done in 2 days, but it was not done. b. Justice sir has waited and then called Jt. CP Crime Atul Chandra Kulkarni (Former Jt. CP Crime), Kulkarni sir also assured in getting the FIR done. 10. After information from Kulkarni Sir also, the Senior PI Sawant has given multiple explanations, but not registered any FIR. 11. After all the above efforts my FIR was registered. 12. While registered the FIR, the police reduced the number of accused persons and gravity was made down to simple hurt with a minimal section. 13. Even though the accused statements were also not confession one's as informed by IO. 14. Police should have taken the CCTV evidences in time after the complaint, but police doesn't have any such interest, police have neglected in collecting CCTV or getting the evidence recovered. IO contacted me whether i can recover the CCTC, i said i can try, but again IO was silent. 15. IO assured me that we will go for witness gathering in office, but later he ignored. 16. Senior PI Sawant has threatened me after going to Governor of Maharashtra, On 16th of June when i met him along with one of my uncle sub inspector boriwali (RPF), he said the below words, main tumhara case nahi lenata, phir bhi main liya tha, abhi commisioner se request aaya tha to send report in your case and we are sending the report in a week, tu chal beta aap ka hojayega. Arresting of Accused: 1. After 6 months plus, the IO has arrested the accused. 2. During the arrest also, DCP sir has informed the IO to arrest infront of me, but the IO has ignored the same. 3. Later after second visit to DCP sir they were arrested. Chargesheet filing: 1. Before filing chargesheet, on 15th August 2016, i met IO Mr. Desai Sir and informed him about the assurances from DCP which he is also aware, a. DCP sir has assured me the case will be going as per facts. b. DCP sir has assured that the case will be brought up original gravity. 2. While filing charge sheet, the IO sir took 105 days, but the assurances from DCP sir has been ignored by him. 1. FIR has already been delayed, so the police would have atleast filed the charge sheet early, but you can see that without progressing anything in case with same status the police kept the file with them. 2. I got the hearing on September 04, 2017 now. So please let me know how this will help me, with negligence of officer, i have to wait 2yrs just to start the hearing. Even though if i wait, but there were confessions, no evidences collected, how the case will stand. I don't have any job because of this incident, the company has terminated me illegally. If police would have acted on time, i would have not lost my job. After my multiple appeals also, i have not seen any co-operation from IO. Thank you. Karthik Anchoori.