Dunlop India Ltd. matters relating to winding up.

Respected Sir/Madam, The High Court Calcutta on February, 2013 passed a judgment to wind - up Dunlop India Ltd. to pay its creditors both secured and unsecured their bona-fide dues which are outstanding. Subsequently the Compny has filed an SLP (SLP (civil) [deleted] of 2013) with the Apex Court - passed a stay order on the wind up judgement. Only on July 29, 2016 the Apex Court disposed of the SLP as the Company had repeatedly failed to comply with the Apex Courts order of depositing a Rs. 25 crore with the Official Liquidator Kolkata. My father a retired permanent employee of the company has substantial dues remaining unsettled by the company. On enquiry over telephone The Office of the Official Liquidator, High Court, Calcutta verbally communicated to me that they are yet unaware of the disposed status of the SLP and required a formal order from the Company Court directing them to initiate liquidation proceedings. It seems that none of the party to the case has yet approached the Company Court & informed them - current status (disposed) of the SLP which stayed the wind-up proceedings. What must be our line of action at the outset as the Supreme Court's stay order on winding up is no longer extant. How can we enable the liquidation proceedings following laid down procedures w/o going to Court as things are going beyond our wherewithal to file applications and bear the heavy legal expenses. Can the Company Law Board help us as my father is an ex employee , hence an A - Class secured creditor who is not required to move the court to get his bona-fide dues (P.F., Gratuity, Salary etc.) settled. Will be awaiting for a response. Thanking you in advance. With High Regards, Debopriyo Laha.