Can my salary account be blocked for recovering a personal loan?

Respected sir, Could you please let me know if ICICI bank can take/deduct my monthly salary from my bank account and block my ATM to recover their personal loan amount? And that too without any intimation! Currently my bank account balance is in negative. This means that whenever I put money in there, it will be deducted automatically. Also all my coming salaries would be automatically deducted! ICICI bank have taken my salary without any notice and also blocked my ATM to recover their personal loan on the day of Diwali (28/10/2016). Now I don't have any money to pay to my landlord, to pay my daughters's school fees and to support my family this month. I'm in mental trauma and under great shock by their action. May I also share that I have the ICICI bank's receipt of settlement amount which I paid to close my loan account. It's clearly mentioned on the bank receipt (hand written by the bank executive, sealed and signed) that it is a "FORECLOSE AMOUNT" This is a proof that I had closed my personal loan from my end. They are still insisting me to pay Rs. 88000 against a loan of Rs. 100000 (I have paid Rs. 61000 as the settlement amount) Could you please suggest what can I do now to get my salary account un-blocked and to get rid of these blood sucking vultures? Can I file a case in consumer court for fraud and defamation against them? Looking forward anxiously for a reply. Thanks & Regards, Sandeep Malviya Ahmedabad