What can I get as settlement from an unfaithful husband?

I have been married 8 years, we have one child 15 months old. My husband has asked for a divorce, he has been unfaithful, he does not know I have proof. What type of settlement can I get? He is very well off, a very high paying job (avg. 7 lak a month) but we have never had joint accounts and he has never given me much money or expenses apart from house maintainence. He has hardly bought me anything major over the years, including jewellery or car etc. All has come from my parents. I was working until I became pregnant (40k salary). He wants mutual divorce and is threatening to take away my son, if I don't give a mutual consent. He has also been an absent father, from birth of our son. My in laws hate me, and never treat me well - more of mental harrasment without any physical pain. For all damages, can I ask for a one time settlement of 8 crore for me and my son, and I want full sole custody and guardianship, 1 Crore for each year of marriage? Is it realistic to expect this much? I know him and his family have the means to pay although he is pretending to have a mere 15 lak in his bank. I want to try make sure he does not escape easily for all the torture and betrayal he has put me through. For the past 5 months he has been very bad to me, verbally abusive and generally harassing me a lot. Thanks.