My name is raju. My brother, his wife living in Hyderabad. They had two children. Children got sick and at the same time she is also got sick. My brother's wife had attempted for suicide and he asked her what's the problem is. She tells him she is not able to look after children due to her sickness. So he informed her parents and tells them her condition. Her mother went there stays right there with them. After a week she again attempted for suicide. At that time i was also there. And me, my brother and her father took Her to a psychiatrist. And after a week she once again saying i wish to die. So their parents took her to their home with out completing the medicine course at psychiatrist saying we will show her to some other doctor. And they never taken her to any doctor nor informing what's her condition is to my brother and my parents. And suddenly her father said to my brother she is still saying she wish to die. He asked her what's her problem is. She says she wish to live right back at home with him at my native. And asked my brother to resign the job come back to my native. He said as her wish he would resign and come back to village and do the my native weaving work. But her parents shouted at both of them not to come back to village and said stay right back at Hyderabad. My brother asked her whats her wish is. She said she wish to stay right back at village and came back to my house. She stayed 4 days happily at my house. At the fourth day evening her mother came to my house and shouted her to not to stay at my house in village. At that time my parents are staying right back at my house. Me and my brother staying at Hyderabad at different places and doing our jobs. Next day she sent my mother to bring drinking water and gave the children my father and went to bath room and locked inside and poured kerosene on her attempted suicide. Neighbors came and break the door and look after her. But she died on spot. On hearing this news came back to village. But on that time her parents put up case with the help of a lawyer on all of us including me, my brother and my parents by saying we killed harassed her and killed her. Police given the children to her parents. And after post martem they bring her body to my house put the body at there and left the place unattended. After almost 3 hours later my neighbors went to her parents and shouted at them to criminate the body. Police arrested us and does n't allowed us to criminate the body. Her Parents came to our house says all that we are not willing to criminate the body and done the crimination. We were sent to remand and got bail after 40 days. After 5 Days came back from remand my father(77) got civiour brain stroke on seeing our conditon and fought for 12 Days for his life and he died. We were sent to them to send the children for my father's crimination. But they were not even reacted. How can we bring back the children and how we have to react fot situation..?